I went to the Musée des Artes et Métiers in Paris last weekend and was very pleasantly surprised. It was not at all what I expected. If you haven’t been it’s full of amazing things in the industrial design realm. It covers scientific instruments, transport, mechanics, communication etc. It goes into how things work, where they come from, their evolution over time. For example, the looms that the fabric of the shirt you’re wearing is made from, a car cut in half so you can see the cross-section of whats inside. It fascinates my brain how things works, whats under the veil. I love this shit!! You never know where inspiration comes from or where it can lead you, and this actually brings me to what I’m sharing with you today.

One of the longest decisions (time wise) in my biz has been whether or not to change my name from Pete Creative to be under my actual name Rachel Taylor. There are loads of pros and cons to each that I won’t get into, but suffice to say, I decided finally that I would indeed change to Rachel Taylor 🙂

And of course with a name change this meant a new logo, a new brand, a new identity. Now if you have ever provided your own services to yourself you will know that its probably one of the hardest things to do. For some reason you never take yourself through the same process that you would a client, and because you…… well are YOU, you have assumed knowledge and so it becomes easy to skip vital steps in your process. I reckon this is the sole reason I am super proud of, and love what I create for clients but also why I’ve never been 100% happy with what I create for my own business and brands. So this time round I was determined to follow the exact process that I take my clients through and treat myself as a fully fledged, proper client.

Before I show you the end result I want to take you behind the scenes, show you the cross-section if you will, of what goes into designing a new brand identity.

It all starts with the discovery phase. What is your business about? Who are your clients? What makes you different? Why the heck would I choose you over someone else?

We all also have our own unique styles, things we like or dislike. Bits of this and bits of that. Enter pinterest; which is awesome for collating inspiration all together and easily identifying where your style fits.

Naturally this starts ideas flowing and the doodling begins. After a while my brain went a little nuts from writing my own name so many times. As I go, I do natural edits and marks anything that I’m loving and want to develop further, or anything I hate and want to ignore hahaha.

When I feel ready it’s digitising time! These days I just snap a photo on my phone and dropbox it to my laptop. Super simple and super fast. I focus on translating the ideas I’ve flagged and add any new ideas as they come.

Next is the refinement stage. I culled my ideas down to a select few and then started refining them. Playing with subtle differences and combinations. Different letters combos, spacing, thickness, things like that.

Awarding the winner! Most often I usually have a winner picked from the start, which is a good indication if you secretly picked it from the get go, yet pushed the boundaries on all the possibilities and then still favour the same one. I like to think thats a good sign. It’s not always the case though sometimes my fave isn’t always the clients’ fave, and that’s ok.

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After the final logo has been selected I then start to evolve the whole brand image. Colours, fonts, design elements, imagery etc that all emulate the new brand and messaging. For me I really wanted an icon to co-exist with my logo. I played around with a few ideas, but really love the lamb as it connects directly to my name.

Which brings me to the big reveal…… I hope you love it as much as I do 🙂