I’m Rachel Taylor: designer and digital ninja.

I believe in creating change by empowering entrepreneurs to think big and market themselves, in order to create a chain reaction of good in the world.

I’m a pretty unique blend of geek and chic; analytic and creative; honest and heart-full. For example, I’m incredibly proud of my digital filing systems, and I love to wander the streets of Paris. Which is where I live. Otherwise, that would be a really obnoxious statement for an About page.


[rey-chuh l]

hebrew word for little lamb

Lucerne, Switzerland

Some more things about me:

I also live in Australia.
I love both places equally.

As you may have picked up, I’m big into balance and variety. I’m fun-loving and practical. I do yoga and run. I am drawn to spirituality but am highly averse to BS. I’m constantly striving to be the best of the best, but I also love the freedom of being able to work from anywhere in the world, and not having to ask permission to take holidays.

My clients also love their freedom. I work with people all over the world – chances are, I’ve worked with someone in your city. A lot of them have become good friends.

Relationships are important to me. So is adventure and travel. I moved to Paris having never been to Europe before, and knowing no-one. I’ve been to an 80’s aerobics classes dressed in a G-string leotard. I do EFT (but in a practical way).

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Fun Facts

I love coffee and ice-cream
(but not as much as cheesecake)


Fun Facts

I’ve been sewing since I was 7 years old and I’ve made 4 wedding dresses


Fun Facts

I love reading.
My goal this year is 12 books.


Fun Facts

Currently addicted to:
Handmaids Tale, the 100 and don’t hate me… Bachelor in Paradise