Well we are officially one third of the way through the year, it’s really flying isn’t it! Today I thought I would give you a little insight into what I’ve been up to lately, and what I have planned coming up.

Last month was a little crazy town, lots of client deadlines in the lead up to getting ready to head on a 2 week Italian adventure, (I am currently in Florence). I have also been busy implementing and refining my business workflow and processes. While doing this, I have discovered some great new tools to add to the toolbox. These include Proposify, Calendly, Typeform and Asana. I will definitely be doing some more posts on these tools and how they can work for you too. I am excited to start working in these new processes and to see how clients react to them.

I started reading ‘4 hour work week’ by Tim Ferris. I know, a bit behind the times but I needed a new book to read and its always been on the list, so I finally got to it. So far so good although I’ve only just started so not very far through. I might do a follow-up post to let you know my review on the book, and take aways or gold nuggets that I will be implementing.

So what do I have coming up?

I am starting to create an e-course, that will take you from ‘no idea’ to ‘expert chimper’ (aka Mailchimp for beginners). Creating an e-course is no small feat, but I’m taking it on bit by bit and will keep you updated along the way. If this is something that interests you please email me with any questions or topics you would like me to include, as I want it to be a really useful resource for you.

Beyond that, my future goals are to work on a better balance between work and play. Unfortunately a lot of the time the ‘norm’ for a freelancer is a significant amount of peaks and valleys. So I am aiming to level that out a little. I will also put the finishing touches on my new client workflow as mentioned previously.

Now I would like to hear from you. Tell us what you are working on, maybe there is something you need to share to have accountability for. Reading any great books, or have any tips to share, please let me know in the comments section below.