When you are your business it’s important to always be fit and healthy. Which means a whole host of things to do to look after yourself including eating right, getting enough sleep, taking time out and exercising regularly.

We all spent long hours in-front of our computers being sedentary which is bad for health and motivation. See this article for more info. Exercise can not only prevent problems such as back-ache, hand and elbow strains, but getting moving is also great for the mind, its helps you relax, de-stress and sleep better. Start to trigger your imagination and get inspired in new ways by harnessing the benefits of regular exercise, it is amazing how ideas flow while taking a walk and clearing your head.

As a freelancer abroad, I need my fitness regime to be location independent just like my business, thankfully in the world of technology getting regular exercise anywhere is super easy and extremely affordable. You don’t need a gym membership and most of the time you don’t even need any equipment. If you are like me you need variety to keep you interested so I have a range of apps for different workouts, let’s take a look at my favourites.

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7 min WC7 Minute Workout Challenge
by Fitness Guide Inc
Price – $1.99

There really is no excuse to skip a workout with this app with one round taking an obvious ‘7 minutes’. I would recommend doing 2 in a row if you have the time. The exercises are easy to follow with video, photo and written descriptions with clear voice overs for countdown and next exercise. The only equipment you need is a chair and it can be performed anywhere (home, park, etc). Keep track of weight loss and view your workouts in the calendar, even be reminded if it’s been a while since your last workout.

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Yoga StudioYoga Studio
by Modern Lotus
Price – $2.99

You can’t beat starting the morning with a yoga session. I have tried several yoga apps over time and this is the first one that I have been completely happy with. Choose from 15min, 30min or 1hr sessions in a variety of focus areas such as strength, balance or relaxation or create your own routine with the seamless video stitching. Reference the pose library for advice and instructions and also schedule your workouts that sync with your google calendar.

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Nike Training ClubNike Training Club
by Nike Inc
Price – Free

This app provides a variety of circuit based routines from beginner to advance to target specific goals such as getting lean, toned or focused. Choose between 30min and 45min workouts or 15min targeted sessions or combine for maximum results. Earn trophies as you reach different milestones to help you stay motivated. Some of the programs do not require equipment while others do. This app will definitely leave you feeling like you worked hard.

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Nike+ RunningNike+ Running
by Nike Inc
Price – Free

This is a great app if you are a runner or even walker. With the GPS tracker you track your route and also your pace along the way which is colour coded for easy recognition. Set a notification for time or distance updates so you know how you are going at intervals along the way and program a ‘power song’ to ensure you finish strong. Easily see an overview of your progress with visually appealing graphs. Stay motivated by participating in a challenge and also winning rewards along the way.

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Fitness to me should always be about having fun. If it’s not doing it for you try another option so you find a routine that resonates and that you enjoy doing. As always you should consult your doctor before starting something new.

Stay awesome,