… Pete Creative built my website/blog on wordpress, which has made it really simple for me to go in and add updates whenever I need to. We were able to achieve the look we wanted and I can use the site as a virtual portfolio to illustrate to potential clients my work. I am really pleased with the site and have had a wonderful reaction from my existing clients…

Narelle Whild

Director, The Swimwear Specialist + Creative Project

…Without hesitation, the first words that come out of my mouth when people ask if I can recommend a designer… “Pete Creative”
In the three years of contracting Rachel; the work has always been delivered promptly, professionally and superior to what I had envisaged.

Not only does she provide the solution, but often additionally resolves issues that I hadn’t even picked up. A rare combination of creativity and analytical prowess…

Peter Dent

Director + Head Therapist, Assuage Massage

…Rachel is always willing to go above and beyond client requirements, and this level of service is what I admire about her…

…Rachel interprets a brief the way a client intends. She has amazing confidence and has mastered her craft to be able to suggest ways to solve problems and overcome technical or design obstacles. The client gets exactly what they expect without compromise. She is such a pleasure to work with…

Toni Bird

Creative Director, Bluebird Creative

Working with Rachel was a great pleasure, she worked incredibly fast and was very responsive to my requests. When I asked for elements to be tweaked she always understood what I needed and did it straight away which was a very big, very welcomed surprise from previous developers…

… On top of all that, her communication skills made my experience really enjoyable on what I have found in the past to be a very difficult and frustrating task. I appreciated her working style so much that I have already planned to build my next site with her!

Chrissy Bray

Founder, We Go Bang Bang + Disco Trivia

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