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Haute Artisane

Haute Artisane is the haute couture of interior design, and is tailored in detail for only the most exclusive clients.

The website is a guide for interior design professionals and novices alike who seek inspiration and refinement. They want to discover these Haute Artisane masters and understand their methods, their terminology and their stories.


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Design Brief

Working in France, Natalie saw a gap in bilingual information available for interior designers. She also found on bespoke projects a missing link between traditional artisans and the stories behind each custom made piece. The website creation was to fill that gap. To showcase all the information available in both French and English as well as connecting with the artisans, their stories and their craft.

Being a website for designers and clients who prioritise aesthetic, the website design was very important. Natalie wanted a design that was simple, modern and elegant. Something that didn’t overpower the images and events showcased on the site.

Website Strategy

We created a multilingual site, with side by side transaltions as well as country flag language switcher. The journal visually displays each event whilst creating a term or keyword index, for industry terms in both languages. It also creates the foundation of the image index for interior designers to use for client project moodboards. The site features an ecommerce store, currently selling unique design books, but has the ability to add custom furniture pieces later on. The final element was the artisan directory, connecting the traditional artisans to interior designs and also telling their stories and highlighting their unique skills.

multilingual website design
multilingual website design

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