Multilingual Website Design + Development

Tania Riosvelasco

Tania is a marriage and family therapist based in Hamburg, Germany who practices in both English and Spanish languages. Her goal is to collaborate with her clients and make their journey comfortable, full of hope, and filled with empathy, compassion, and respect.

The Problem

Tania was finding that creating her website by herself was too hard, and her ideas did not match her vision of how she wanted her website to look and she had no clue of even where to start tech wise to make her website multilingual. She was also worried about doing this significant investment and not being 100% satisfied with the end result.

The Solution

Working with Tania we were able to create a clear path and vision for her new website that really felt like her and gave her clients a good sense of the level of service and personal approach she provides even before their first session together.

With all her time focused on her patients when at work and on her kids when at home, it needed to be easy and straight forward to edit and update as well as create translations for each of the pages and posts.

Client Love

I was looking for someone with great design skills to take my ideas and thoughts and bring them to life, Rachel was just the perfect person for this. Since my website went live, my business has continuously increased, and I keep getting amazing feedback about the quality and design of my website.

Tania Riosvelasco

Hamburg, Germany,

The Result

Tania was thrilled with the end result of her website. It’s visually exactly what she wanted and super easy for her to make changes herself in the back-end. As a result of her newly designed website going live, her business has grown, roughly four months after her website went live, her work had more than tripled.

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