I was home in Australia for 4 months over the summer, and one of my to do items was going through all my stuff, trying to downsize a little of what’s being stored, and just clear out the general clutter. Now I went through everything, not just the things I wanted to keep that I don’t need in France, but old school books, papers, sewing supplies, old birthday cards, you name it, I went through it.

In my dig through I found a little jar with half made worry dolls in it, which threw me back to my school days when I used to make worry doll earrings and sell them to my friends. This got me thinking, perhaps I’ve always been an entrepreneur, and I wondered if this was something that we are born with or if it is in fact something that can be learnt.

My entrepreneur journey started early. My sister and I used to make handcrafted items and sell them at the local markets when I was 7. You name it we made it and sold it. Candles, potpourri in funky shaped glass jars, cards for all occasions, covered coat hangers, heck we even used to miniaturise chip packets in the oven and make fridge magnets out them. It was something we enjoyed doing and a bonus to have some pocket money.

Next up was the opening in the school market. Worry dolls became all the rage, and like most things when I see something for the first time, I weighed up in my mind if in fact I could make that myself. I rallied scrap wire from a friends’ dad who is an electrician and was more than happy to offload it. I then raided mums stash of off cut fabrics for miniature clothes. All that required purchasing was the earring attachments. All my friends loved them and bought them.

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When we got a new computer which had this cool double CD drive where you could copy CD’s on (revolutionary, I know), my next opportunity was waiting for me. I quickly became the go to person for copying CD’s. Now I it didn’t do it by halves either. I would scan front and back covers and print them out and put them in the new case as well as scan and print the CD artwork onto CD stickers, sticking them on the freshly burnt CD. Now thats a premium product if I ever saw one! Of course it came with a small fee for my time. (PS I know this is not exactly legitimate practices, but hey I was a kid…)

Then you go onto join the rat race with a so called normal job with a normal paycheck, and think it’s normal to hate your job because everyone else does. So you keep doing it and going round and round in circles.

Finally I broke free and went back to my entrepreneurial ways that started way back when I was young and the internet wasn’t even mainstream yet. I wonder if I was drawn back to this path because it’s ingrained in me, its my DNA, something I was born to do, anything else would only be mediocre and unsatisfying. Or have I learnt to be an entrepreneur because my parents ran their own business and I was exposed to that as a child and picked up skills from them. Perhaps it’s a little of both.

What do you think? Are we born entrepreneurs? Are there qualities about us that just can’t be learnt? Or do you think it can be learnt? That its just another skill. Let me know in the comments what you think and about your own person experiences.

Until next time,